Appeal (english)


In June 2024, a new European Parliament will be elected in the 27 member states of the European Union. In numerous EU countries, right-wing extremist parties have gained significant support in recent years. Parties within the democratic spectrum also propagate populist narratives, fueling tensions. Germany is no exception in this regard.

A Solidary Europe – Against Poverty!

The times of multiple crises weigh heavily on people in the European Union. While nearly 17 percent of people in EU states live in poverty, wealth in the EU has steadily grown since 2019. The rich are getting richer. At the same time, governments everywhere are cutting back on support for the needy. Child and youth poverty in Germany is at an all-time high. In 2023, three million children, or one in five, lived below the poverty line. Across the EU, the number is nearly 20 million children. The causes of poverty in Europe could be eliminated, but many parties in government do far too little to combat this poverty. This strengthens right-wing extremist parties. Instead of effectively eliminating the actual causes of poverty, they blame immigrants, climate protection, or poor people themselves. Let’s end this incitement against people in need.

For Human Rights and a Solidary Europe – Against Isolationist Plans!

In 2023, 110 million people worldwide were fleeing war, terror, hunger, and the effects of man-made climate change. Most people seek refuge outside of Europe. Nevertheless, the EU continues to isolate itself, denying people fleeing a life in safety, despite the available resources.

The EU is not willing to provide the necessary and human rights-guaranteed protection. Right-wing parties go even further, calling for a complete isolation of the EU and the abolition of the right to asylum.

We won’t accept this. We demand a Europe as a safe haven for all people who have to flee violence, persecution, poverty, or hunger. We stand in solidarity with people on the run and resist attacks on the human right to asylum. At the same time, we call for addressing the root causes of migration; be it war, oppression, persecution, poverty, or the impacts of the climate crisis.

A Solidary, Open, and Diverse Europe – For Everyone!

We want a Europe where all people, regardless of their origin, skin color, beliefs, lifestyle, or sexual and gender orientation, can live well and physically self-determined.

We call on all democrats to join us in taking to the streets one week before the European elections and demonstrate for a solidary, open, and diverse Europe. On June 9th, participate in the European elections, vote democratically, and defend democracy!

Saturday, June 1, 2024 at 12:00

Bochum Central Train Station